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Posted December 11, 2006

Event Dec 11, 2006

Issues Facing Alberta Roadbuilders

Gene Syvenky, President of the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA), will be speaking about the future of road construction in our province and some of the issues facing roadbuilders. Please join us for what promises to be a lively and enlightening presentation... more>>

Posted November 27, 2006

Event May 06 - 08, 2007

5th Biannual ARCSACC Workshop

The 5th biannual ARCSACC workshop will be held in Edmonton from the from the 6th - 8th of May, 2007, and once again ARCSACC 2007 is intended to bring together technical experts and interested individuals to address contaminated sites remediation and assessment in the unique context of the Arctic and cold climates... more>>

Posted October 29, 2006

Event October 31, 2006

2006 Cross-Canada Lecture Tour
Long-Term Performance of Contaminant Barrier Systems
R. Kerry Rowe, Queen's University

As part of the 2006 Cross-Canada Lecture Tour, the GSE will be hosting a lunchtime presentation by Dr Kerry Rowe on October 31, 2006. Dr Rowe will be delivering a version of the 2005 Rankine Lecture, "Long-Term Performance of Contaminant Barrier Systems"... more>>

Posted October 18, 2006

Event October 18, 2006

Case History of Driven Steel Piles
Tony Ruban, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

A major petrochemical facility is currently under construction in the Fort McMurray area of Alberta. The foundation design for the facility comprised a combination of driven steel pipe and H-piles. During the piling program, problems were identified in one area of the site where H-piles had been driven... more>>

Posted September 12, 2006

Event September 20, 2006

2006 GSE Annual Wine and Cheese and University of Alberta Student Presentations

Delineation of Geological Structure and Contaminant Source Zone by Geostatistical Modeling, presented by Amir H Hosseini Ph.D. Candidate. Advances in Numerical Modeling of Rock Masses and its Application to Coal Seam Reservoir Characterization, presented by Nathan Deisman, Ph.D. Candidate... more>>

Posted August 02, 2006

Event September 21, 2006

Foundation Design for Expansive Soils

The Colorado State University if offering a short course on "Foundation Design for Expansive Soils" on September 21-22, 2006 that will be held in the Delta Edmonton South Hotel and Conference Center, 4404 Gateway Blvd (780) 434-6415 ...more>>

Posted June 02, 2006

Event June 05, 2006

2006 AGM - Site Characterization For Slope Stability Assessment

This year's presentation will be the 2006 Richard Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology - Dr. Jerry D. Higgins (Department of Geology & Geological Engineering Colorado School of Mines)

Stability and designs for stabilization are usually determined on the basis of modeling of the slope. The accuracy of the modeling is highly dependent upon an accurate three-dimensional geologic model and interpretations/predictions of ground-water conditions, etc. A flawed investigation and characterization of the geology is likely to lead to a flawed analysis of stability and design for stabilization...more>>

Posted April 24, 2006

Event May 03, 2006

The 9th GSE Symposium - 2006
Ground Improvement

The Geotechnical Society of Edmonton will host the 9th Annual One Day Symposium on May 3, 2006, at the Snow Valley Ski complex in southwest Edmonton. The theme for this year's symposium is Ground Improvement... more>>

Posted April 08, 2006

Event April 10, 2006

4th Annual Applied Geotechnical Engineering Design Contest Reinforced Soil Wall

Wall Constructions Starts at 4:30 PM sharp, Wall testing will commence at 6:00PM. In room L2-020 of the Markin/CNRL Natural Resources Engineering Facility, University of Alberta
Using Only 5 sheets of Newsprint, 2 sheets of 15 X 60 cm geotextile and a box of 100 paper clips. Walls must be constructed within the 1 hour time limit. Judged by Guest consultants...more>>

Posted April 03, 2006

Event April 04, 2006

Cross Canada Lecture Tour presentation
Alliancing: A New Concept for Project Delivery

Dr. Donald Alexander Bruce (Principal, Geosystems, L.P., Pittsburgh, PA)

For reasons that simply do not apply in ground engineering projects, selection of a specialty contractor on a Low Bid basis has long been standard practice. However, in recent years, as projects have become more challenging and techniques have had to become more sophisticated, better and more appropriate procurement methods have become more commonplace... more>>

Posted March 17, 2006

Event March 22, 2006

Analysis of Coalbed Methane Production with Reservoir and Geomechanical Coupling Simulation

Fagang Gu, U of A Graduate Student

Worldwide coalbed methane (CBM) reserves have been estimated at 84~262 trillion m3. With reserves of 6~76 trillion m3 Canada ranks the second. Now CBM is no longer a potential reserve but a real source of natural gas. In the United States, CBM accounted for 10% of dry gas reserves and 8% of dry gas production in 2003... more>>

Posted March 14, 2006

Event May 03, 2006

Call for Presentations & Case Studies for The 9th GSE SYMPOSIUM - 2006
Ground Improvement

The Geotechnical Society of Edmonton will host the 9th Annual One Day Symposium on May 3, 2006, at the Snow Valley Ski complex in southwest Edmonton. The theme for this year's symposium is "Ground Improvement"... more>>

Posted March 14, 2006

Event March 15, 2006

Large Capacity Screw Piles Pile Load Tests Comparison (Driven Piles Vs Screw Piles)

Mamdouh Nasr, U of A Graduate Student

Screw piles have been used widely in engineering applications to provide structural stability against axial compression, uplift, overturning and lateral forces. Screw piles are also known as Helical Piles or Piers, Helical Anchors and Screw Anchors... more>>

Posted March 9, 2006

Event March 16, 2006

CSCE-GSE Joint Dinner Meeting - Update on the Little Smoky Landslide

Mr. Roger Skirrow, Director, Geotechnical and Materials Section, Technical Standard Branch of Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation.

This presentation provides an update on the Little Smokey Landslide, which is on the west valley slope of the Little Smoky River about 48 km north of Valleyview, Alberta on Highway 49 ... more>>

Posted February 16, 2006

Event February 22, 2006

Automated Static Load Testing

Melvin England BSc (Physics) MSc PhD DIC, LOADTEST Ltd., Middlesex, UK

Dr. England's presentation will cover the subject of static load testing, from automation of top-down loading tests and the merits thereof to interpretation of results using methods such as Timeset/Cemset (displacement-time and load-settlement analyses) ... more>>

Posted February 10, 2006

Event February 14, 2006

Thermal Desorption Remediation in Relation to LandfilI Disposal at Isolated Sites in Northern Alberta

Greg Walker (ATCO) Darryl Nelson (Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd), and Brian MacKinnon, (Thurber Engineering Ltd.)

This paper is divided into two parts. The first part deals with an overview of using Thermal Desorption (TD) for remediating two ATCO Electric Ltd. ATCO) sites in the Steen River area located in Northern Alberta (total 29,000 tonnes of diesel-contaminated soil) in relation to conventional landfill disposal or Dig and Dump (DD) ... more>>

Posted January 20, 2006

Event January 20, 2006

Intracratonic mantle-derived magmatic rocks of the Western Churchill Province, Nunavut: spatial and petrochemical variations through time

Hamish Sandeman, Northwest Territories Geoscience Office

An invitation from the Edmonton Geological Society ... more>>

Posted January 17 2006

Event January 17, 2006

Geotechnical Considerations in Oilsands Tailings and Tailings Retention Dams

Ed McRoberts, AMEC

This presentation was one of the Keynote Presentations made at the recent October 2005 Canadian Dam Association annual conference held in Calgary ... more>>


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