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Posted September 28, 2012 (Updated November 6, 2012)

Event: November 20, 2012

GSE: Tony Ruban, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. - Pile Load Testing of Concrete Belled Pile and Rock Socket Pile Using the Osterberg Load Cell

Location: Faculty Club, University of Alberta

Time: 11:45am - 1:30pm

Cost: $30 Members, $40 Non-Members, $10 for Students

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Cast-in-place concrete piles are a commonly used foundation type in northern Alberta due to the cohesive soils predominant in the area. Although cast-in-place concrete piles are common, limited pile load testing has been undertaken on these foundation types to confirm shaft friction (side shear) and end bearing parameters. In order to optimize pile foundation design and permit use of higher soil resistance factors for Limit States design, full-scale pile load tests were undertaken on two different pile foundation types. One load test was undertaken on a belled pile end bearing in glacial clay till and a second load test on a straight shaft pile socketed into weak clay shale bedrock. An Osterberg load cell was used in both load tests to provide end bearing and shaft friction parameters for the clay, clay till and clay shale bedrock. In addition to confirming ultimate design parameters, the results of the load test provided valuable insight to the load settlement performance exhibited by these piles and enabled a more economical pile design.

Mr. Ruban, P.Eng. Mr. Ruban obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba in 1976 and a Master of Engineering in 1981 from the University of Alberta. He has been working as a consulting engineer in EBA since 1981 and has undertaken a variety of geotechnical projects across Alberta, British Columbia and extending into the Yukon and NWT. He is currently a Principle Consultant at EBA in Edmonton.


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