Geotechnical Society of Edmonton
2nd Annual GSE Symposium (April 02, 1996)
Risk Assessment in Geotechnical and
Geo-Environmental Engineering
Speakers Presentations
Robin Fell Landslide Risk Assessment
Robin Fell, Peter Finlay & Garry Mostyn Framework for Assessing the Probability of Sliding of Cut Slopes
Robin Fell, B.F. Walker & P.J. Finlay Estimating the Probability of Landsliding
D.M. Cruden & X.Q. Hu Assessing the Risks of Rock Slides and Rock Falls in the Mountain Parks
John Sobkowicz Natural Hazards, Risk to Groups and Acceptable Land Use
Chris Bunce, David M. Cruden & Norbert R. Morgenstern Hazard Assessment for Rock Fall on Highway
B.W. Zelt, R.D. Shaw & H. R. Hamilton Oil Sand Reclamation - Performance Assessment Framework
John A. Mick & Dennis M. Trotter Application of Environmental Risk Assessment
Michael Poplett An Introduction to Environmental Risk Management
Rodney J. Taylor Ten Questions Risk Managers Ask About Environmental Liability
Jack P. Gibson Making Sense of the Environmental Insurance Marketplace - The Risk Report
Ed McRoberts Application of Risk Management Concepts to Geotechnical and Environmental Project Management


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